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To give you an idea of what the WLD is, disregarding the improbability of anyone actually getting through the module; you will start the dungeon at leve one and exit it at level 20. It isn’t called the World’s LARGEST Dungeon for nothing.

All the Pathfinder rules are available online. The official source is here.
A slightly better formatted website is here.
And if you want to use an online character sheet, I recommend here.

A few things you should know:

  • It’s a dungeon, it’s dark, plan accordingly.
  • Don’t worry about food/water.
  • Level advancement is going to be geographically based, not a matter of how much stuff you kill. It will be slower than usual.
  • There will be no “Take 10” on skills, and if you try and “Take 20” you will probably be interrupted by something big and hungry.
  • No druids. No summoners.
  • No summoning spells/abilites. No teleportation or planeshifting spells/abilities. No AoE movement hindering spells / abilities (e.g. Web and Entangle).
  • Animal Companions / Familiars / etc. that you don’t start with are going to be limited to plausible creatures in the region (ie you’re not going to see a brown bear).

Available sources for character creation:

Core Rules Book – fair game, use whatever you want
Advanced Players Guide – also fair game
Bestiary – there are a few playable monsters in the Bestiaries, just ask if you want to play one of them (Drow Approved)
Ultimate Combat – should be mostly open, but everything in this book is subject to DM approval, so run it by me first
Ultimate Magic – same as Ultimate Combat

Once you get leveled up a bit, I’ll open up the Magic Item Compendium from 3.5, unless Pathfinder has released their equivalent before then.

Character creation

Use the purchase method for attributes, epic fantasy 25 points.
You get maximum starting gold for your class.
Clothes are free as is any food/drink you want to start with.
Up to 2 Traits, but remember they have to be from different categories. Basic (except for Rich Parents), Racial, and Religion are allowed.

Home Page

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